Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Baby Shower Ideas

October is such a great month!
The comfortable weather and crisp air, the foliage of the leaves changing color, apple cider, the aroma of apple pie, the scent of cinnamon candles burning and there are so many festivities that goes on during the month of October.  
Above are my two precious step-grand-daughters. My boyfriend and I took them pumpkin picking last year and they had a blast.

There is so much going on during the October month.  
There is pumpkin picking, apple picking, face painting, animal feeding and how can we forget, Halloween!

 I love the non-traditional mom's that celebrate their baby showers during October because this is the month that they put their creativity to work.  So many themes to put together that sometimes you don't know which one to pick. 

One theme that's pretty cool is the Pumpkin Baby Theme where the main focus of this theme is off course the pumpkin. 
                                  You can create a pumpkin cake with a baby popping out. 

Or you can decorate your pumpkins with baby faces and pacifiers and display them all over the room with autumn artificial or dry leaves.  You can even put together a few pumpkin babies as centerpieces for each table as a souvenirs for your guests.


This is another easy idea I found on Pinterest.  Display your drinks inside a large pumpkin. Just carve it and insert a round bowl. Fill with ice and put in what ever bottled drinks you are serving. A very nice way to serve your drinks.

Below is a few inspirational boards I came across of decoration ideas for the Pumpkin Theme.

Here's another fun baby shower theme, Baby Cookie Monster.

Or Baby Monster Inc.

Last but not least have a Mummy-To-Be Baby Shower Theme!

The possibilities and themes that you can come up with are endless!

It all depends on your sense of style, theme and how far you want to go with your shower planning.

We cannot forget to bring that unique special gift to that Mummy-To-Be and that special baby that's coming to our world.  That's where our Little Monster Diaper Cake comes in to steal the show.  Although this diaper cake theme is sold out, our October Theme Diaper Cakes are made to order.  Email or call RMBG with your event date, theme and details.

 For more cool ideas, I gathered some links for you below where you can find party supplies, invites and more great ideas.  I hope that you found some inspirational ideas in my blog and I wish you all a safe and happy October!

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